It's Time!

It's been a while sine I've been able to blog and that's mainly because there has been so much going on! Since finishing the semester (with a 4.0!), I took a week or so just to do NOTHING for the few hours I have at home with the little guy. Now that it's spring and the weather is a bit warmer here in NYC, I take the boys to the park more often after their dismissals and rarely get home before 6. Time to cook, straighten up, shower and bedtime. 

It was great while it lasted but I quickly remembered that there is so much I want to do. My body weary from running around with the boys and still a little worn out from finals, but my mind kept spinning with the next thing...the next idea, the next move, the next blog, the next update to the website. So I kicked out a t-shirt shop for the site and got back to writing my book which I am aiming to finish by the end of June. I needed to be ahead of the game because once school is out for summer I am dedicated to making their vacation awesome.

Little did I know, there would be so much more in store for May! I secured my first radio interview on Inspirational Thursdays with Cyril Da One on Yac Radio (an urban internet radio station) and got a call for my second interview on Yes You Can TV with Apostle Ruben Martinez (recorded at Alerta TV Network). The confirmation for both came within a few hours of each other and I wasn't expecting to do either with such short notice. Later this month there is a wonderful chat and chew event hosted by Dawn's Village Oasis for young ladies ages 12-19 where I will be the keynote speaker. The excitement immediately kicked into high gear and of course I am in overdrive to take full advantage of these moments!  With the first two knocked out (THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT, VIEWS, AND COMMENTS), I have been scheduled for a fourth event! 

When finals came around and so much of my attention shifted to school, I lost a lot of steam on the social media train. Everything slowed down and felt awful not knowing how I would be able to pick it back up. Then right when I felt like I would be starting from scratch...these engagements allowed me to see that all of the heart and work I've put into building a platform for my brand was not in vain. I am overwhelmed by how beautifully things are coming together simply because I made the decision to step out and remain committed to doing the work even when I feel no one was watching. 

Too often, we forfeit the great things that are coming because we are annoyed by the current circumstance. Timing may seem off, other responsibilities take priority, the kids come first, the spouse comes first, health issues arise... all of these things can hit at once. To be honest, it can be downright discouraging and frustrating. And to top things off... in creeps fear and insecurity as you struggle to take just one more step towards your goal. In spite of it all please do not despise the process. Do not despise your humble beginnings on your journey towards your manifested greatness. Take it one day at a time, moment by moment, and keep fanning the flame. Momentum may shift but don't allow it to become a vapor. I promise you, opportunities and connections are waiting for you. It is only a matter of time and perseverance before expansion comes. Keep pressing. Your gift will make room for you. It's your time!