My Forest: Moving From Indecision to Clarity

My Forest.jpg

Happy New Year! Yes, I am aware that it is February but this is when I will officially start my new beginnings. January seemed to be an emotional extension of 2017. Although I was focused on achieving certain social media platform goals and academic benchmarks (and achieved them) January was a a challenge. There are times when even your best intentions, prayers, and wishes do not come to fruition at the time you desire. Oftentimes, the expectation of breakthrough does not come when the clock strikes 12. 

So here we are in February and I am determined to continue to press forward in prayer, patience, and power! You see when you're in the midst of the chaos of life ...unending chores and responsibilities, the pushing and pulling forces that have you drained at the end of each day, the striving to be your absolute best in everything you do, bills, kids, spouse... it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Ever felt like you were in a forest? Completely small in the midst of the larger issues at hand? Too tiny to make an impact, inadequate, unsure? In those moments its hard to find your path and even harder to see your way out. That's what my January was but it taught me some valuable lessons. First, to seek inner peace and greater patience through prayer and meditating on the word and reminding myself of God's promises. Second, to continue with the path that was placed in my heart- keep working, stay committed to my commitments, and grow in spite of. Lastly, to change my perspective. I am looking at every decision and behavior in this season through a different lens. Moving forward I will continue to challenge myself by asking the question... HOW DOES GOD SEE IT? From where you stand it may be hard to judge which opportunities and actions are the right ones. From where you stand it may seem like there's confusion all around. But how does God see it? 

With God there are no mistakes and nothing catches Him by surprise. With God everything is by design. If you take a higher perspective you can see all things working together as lessons and preparation for your purpose! From a higher stand you are able to see that you are on the right path and there is clear direction. 

Keep taking those steps! Be encouraged. Your path has been carved out just for you. You are already on that road... keep moving forward and watch God work!