Small Movement Matters

In this day of social media, instant gratification, and the glorification of 'overnight success', it is easy to become frustrated with the natural (and slow) progression of fulfilling your purpose. Let's be honest... some days it seems that there isn't enough time to accomplish every task on the to-do list. Some nights, we can be so exhausted from the day's work that we may not have the mental capacity to commit to being productive any longer. After another full daily grind of work, studies, and tending to family matters how can you squeeze out the time to write your book or business plan? When will you be able to design another page on your website or itinerary for your conference? How can you conjure up the energy to make those cold calls to prospective clients? Have you ever found yourself asking these questions? You are not alone!

I've spent many days searching for a cape because clearly one must be a superhero to execute the many ideas that flourish in the mind. It was to no avail. There is no cape. There is no secret to success. There is only commitment to your vision and consistent, intentional movement towards execution. After attempting to pull all-nighters, forced to face the consequential fatigue of burnout, I stopped beating myself up and took a deep breath. It was essential that I took inventory of my movement. For the sake of my sanity I had to change my perspective and redefine how I perceived my movement. Progress is not only measured by large leaps but also by the small decisions and actions taken each day. After assessing my gains I discovered that small movement matters. Each of our small steps are compounded each day and have a profound impact on our future. Do not despise small movement. Each movement brings you one step closer to a dream realized. 

Today is the day to stop beating yourself up. Today is the day you change your perception. Make it a point to take focused action today. Don't you dare get discouraged. Don't stop and become stuck where you are. Commit to your future by making movement, no matter how small, it matters!