So, Who Are You?

As you can see, I've taken a small hiatus from making blog entries to the website. I would normally say that it's because of the hyperactivity of the summer with my boys. It is true of this summer as well...but this time its more than that. I'm grateful for the pause because taking a step back allowed me to consider a few things while on this journey of building a career, strengthening my brand, and finding/defining my voice.

I took inventory of all I was representing publicly and wanted to make sure it aligned with who I am, you know, in real life. You should try it sometime! It was one of the best things I've ever done. Yes- I am a motivator, yes- I am a momtrepreneur, yes- I am a future counselor and life coach. But at times I felt like I wasn't really connecting with that messaging and it became increasingly difficult to write sometimes. Something just felt 'off'. It was not disingenuous, but it wasn't exactly my groove. 

I had to ask myself "What do you really stand for?", "What are you most passionate about?", "What is at the core of who you are and what you do daily?" And the answer to all of this boiled down to just a few simple things. It wasn't my natural hair journey or being body positive. It wasn't being a motivational speaker or informing my audience of counseling theory and practice. Deep down what I care about is my marriage (the sanctity and strengthening of mine and yours!), being an excellent mother (covering my children spiritually and emotionally while keeping them physically active and culturally engaged), and mental health studies (reaching others to enrich lives, families, and community). THERE YA HAVE IT!! THAT'S IT!!

I suppose because those things are so much a part of who I am and what I believe, that I overlooked them and took them for granted. The passion I have in those areas are ingrained in me so deeply and come so naturally that I did not take into account that they could be of value to someone else. Like most of us, I failed to realize who I am and what that's worth!

I just recently attended a pop-up event in the city and was so inspired by the amazing people there. It was a Be Blogalicious event held at Vapiano (a dope Italian spot...great location btw). The women I met were so full of zest and passion for what they do that it made me further question "WHO AM I?" This wasn't a comparison question or a belittling question but rather an AHA moment. These ladies were simply being who they were, naturally amazing 'true-to-you' authentic-type ladies. The experience freed me to know that blogging about my passion is enough. Sharing my reflections and experience is enough. BEING ME IS ENOUGH.

All this time, I was placing a weight (and wait) on myself. I was waiting to earn my Masters, waiting to get my coaching certificate, waiting to earn some accolades. I kept holding myself up! How many of us are doing that very thing RIGHT NOW?! I challenge you to take some time to reflect on who you truly are at your core. Are you hiding behind a veil? Protecting yourself behind a facade? Free yourself of the weight. Release yourself from your wait. 

Allow me to reintroduce my (free) self! I am Michaiah Dominguez-Miller, and I stand for Marriage, Motherhood, and Mental Health. And, who are you?