The Truth About The Process (Behind The Posts)

It has been a LONG time since my last article post. The truth is, there is so much more to personal development than I once thought...

I've always been a huge advocate for posting and keeping you, my audience, updated on my latest ventures, activity, and growth. I believe that is a huge part of my journey. Sharing my inner world reminds me of my responsibility to continue to push myself. It also helps to hold me accountable to aligning my goals with my dreams and progressing to make sure they become a reality. Having an audience allows you to see firsthand that the road to success is more like a climb than a cake-walk. Building a brand and the self-discovery that comes along with that is a large undertaking in and of itself. It becomes all the more complicated once you incorporate a husband, three children, fitness goals, and Christian service. Even now as I'm typing, my boys have decided that it's time to 1. Make more requests for snacks 2. Use me as a jungle gym 3. Turn their iPads up to the loudest possible setting 4. Attempt to do capoeira on the couch. 

To be fair, I knew as the summer approached that I was going to go from grad-student, blogger, personality to CEO of Miller summer camp. Don't get me wrong though, it's something I look forward to every year! Summer is my FAVE. We enjoy driving back and forth to our home in Pennsylvania, frequent parks and beaches, visit family, peruse museums, and behave as tourists in our home city. Its a privilege to build a memory bank of fun-tastic experiences the boys will always remember. These are times I cherish.

However, embracing my role this summer has been challenging because now I have other goals that are competing with my sahm mastery. Taking consistent action to grow into the woman I see myself being and staying dedicated to MYSELF is the biggest struggle I've ever tackled. I know I can't be the only one out there who feels like sometimes doing the things that are most important to my brand are in direct conflict with the time and energy it takes to keep a household in tact and children educated and engaged. In an ideal world, I would be able to pull all-nighters and wake up at 5am to kick out another chapter of my book or create an inspirational meme. I would steal away a few moments to upload a new video or create another conference call empowerment mini series. 

BUT the truth about the process (behind the posts) is that YOU WILL NOT BE MOTIVATED 100% OF THE TIME! 

Contrary to popular belief...this does not mean you have a diminished purpose or drive. This does not negate the work you have already put in. This does not mean you aren't committed to your life work/calling. It simply means that you are human. Personal/brand development is not linear- there will be launches and lulls, confidence and doubt, hyperactivity and inactivity. Here are a few more truths 

1. Sometimes you have to unplug to recharge. You've heard it before! This is your reminder. I can't think of anything more true. In an attempt to be more present, I have less of an online presence. Ultimately, your integrity, who you are, developing and sharing your gift mean so much more than the appearance of activity or perfection. That means making an effort to be more connected to the people around me, remaining focused on my 'why' and establishing the foundation for my life's work...which does not always translate into more posts. 

2. At times, you must free your hands from technology to have a personal touch. Enough said.

3. You cannot do everything, for everyone, at the same time. It's important to weigh what matters most and work on what you feel deserves your attention at that time. Priorities shift during certain seasons and thats ok. Do yourself a favor... kick guilt to the curb and be fully present. Engulf yourself in each moment without tearing yourself to shreds over what you could or should be doing instead. Create a time and space for productivity, creativity, and any other activity. At least once a day make time to dream and work on that dream, no matter how minor you believe it is this will be crucial to keeping your purpose at the forefront. Remember, small movement matters and unfortunately...

4. The longer you go without doing something, the harder it becomes to pick it back up. Once purpose loses passion it becomes a distant memory. Procrastination begets stagnation, luckily action begets action. Honor yourself and your gift by taking action. Don't let your dream die. 

So, cheers to a new beginning ... to recommitting... and to flourishing in my wife-mom-blogger-personality-woman calling. You'll be seeing much more of me again VERY SOON. 

What is the truth about your process? I want to hear from you! Comment below or shoot me an email.