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Motivational Speaking

Michaiah Miller brings your audience exactly what they need to know. Her insight, training, and personal experience make her messages one of a kind. 

Prove Your SELF

Many motivational messages focus on increased wealth and success, but there seems to be a missing link to living a truly fulfilling life. How do we live a life of purpose? That missing link is identity.

'Prove Your SELF' inspires us to do inward examination for clarity and confidence to live a self-determined life.   

Christian-Based Messages

"What does God have to say about commitment to marriage?"

"Who does God say I am?" 

For scheduling, you can complete the request form to discuss your specific request. 

Mental Health Matters

As a mental health advocate, Michaiah can provide you with the clinical input you are looking for to elevate your event/training.

Guest appearances 

Personable, humorous, and vivid...Michaiah brings enthusiastic energy and expertise to every panel and interview.