Videos of the Week

Watch Michaiah Miller as she brings you this week's most current content from her series "Mental Health Matters" and "Making Marriage Work"


Making Marriage Work Episode 4: The Stress Reducing Conversation

Here's how to have a conversation with your spouse when they are upset or stressed. Respond and relate to their feeling! Avoid confronting facts or providing your opinion. Have compassion and be empathetic instead. 


Making Marriage Work Episode 3: 10 Things I Learned in 10 Years of Marriage ... and therapy!

10 years is a huge accomplishment for marriages these days. Considering the statistics, it's a blessing to be able to celebrate this benchmark. Watch the lessons I learned (the hard way) over the course of the last 10 years- marriage, therapy, and my workshop "7 Principles for Making Marriage Work". 


Mental Health Matters Episode 3: May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is a time that the entire nation makes a greater effort to learn and teach about mental health issues. Each year there is a theme to increase knowledge and promote understanding. This year's theme is #4Mind4Body. The theme considers the many ways our physical health interacts with our mental health for overall wellness. Visit to download the FREE toolkit and join the daily challenges. 


Making Marriage Work Episode 2: My WHY for Offering Marriage Services

Making marriage work is no easy task (if you're not sure what to do to improve it)... I know from personal experience. I once felt shame and frustration about a marriage that wasn't what I thought it should be. I want to remove that shame, and provide a safe place for support and get tools to make your marriage dream a reality. We all deserve the marriage we want and it is within our reach! There's a lot on the line if marriage fails... this reality can be overwhelming or it can empower you to create a marriage that works. 


Mental Health Matters Episode 2: How Do You Hold Emotions?

This week's inspiration is from a professor, Dr. Michael Gillern, who said "Emotions are like fine china and most of us are eating out of paper plates." Do you treat emotions as items that are too fragile to share? Or perhaps only express them during special occasions? Do you think of your feelings as disposable or unimportant? These are important questions to ask yourself. How you hold emotions will have everything to do with how you express your own and how you receive the expression of them by others.